Information for Event Organizers

UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and staff will be able to create and manage a department under Heel Life. Here, they can host events for students and manage attendance. Departments will need to create a page under Heel Life and will be able to have access to multiple resources for creation. Some departments may already have a page set up. To check if you have a page, visit and type your office name (or even a popular variant name) in the search box on the screen's left.  
If your department does not have a Heel Life page, please use this form to request one:

Heel Life Departmental Page Request Form

CLE Event Qualifications

The Campus Life Experience team utilizes the following rubric when determining CLE eligibility. Your event should meet at least two out of the four requirements. If at the time your event does not meet the qualifications, we encourage you to shape your event to align more with The CLE rubric.

Navigating Heel Life

Resources for Building in and Navigating Heel Life

Student Life & Leadership has compiled a great resource list for building a page and presence in Heel Life as a University department. You can view example pages and check out some best practices also found here, including walk-throughs to figure out the tools step-by-step.  

The link can be accessed here (scroll to the bottom of the web page for the University Department section):

We encourage you to explore Heel Life, other organization pages, and ideas to make your page unique to you and your mission! 


Below is a list of resources that will help departments navigate Heel Life. 

Heel Life Departmental Page Request Form 

Managing HL Department Pages 

Setting up HL Department Rosters 

Creating Heel Life Events 

Tracking HL Event Attendance 

Download this Word Doc for more information on tracking with a QR code and a display flyer template for CLE events:

Any additional questions may be directed to [email protected]

What Is the Difference Between Making a Department Page Public or Hidden?

Hidden pages will only be accessible to students involved in this department. They will be able to access events, files, etc. Public pages will be accessible to all UNC students. 

How Will Events Need To Be Tracked?

Departments will need to have a form of attendance tracking set up for the event. Various methods may be used for this.

  • In-person scanning of students' IDs
  • A QR code is displayed on a screen for students to scan and log in virtually.
  • Paper sign-in sheets and/or manual entry
  • Use of a URL for virtual events

Faculty will need to upload attendance within 24 hours after an event ends.


How Do I Create a New Department Page in Heel Life?

To create a new department page, please access the Heel Life Departmental Page Request Form.

How Many CLEs Will Students Need and How Will They Be Tracked?

Each approved CLE event a student attends will be updated on their Tar Heel Tracker. Students will accrue two CLE events for every semester they are enrolled as full-time students. They will accrue one for every semester they are enrolled as a part-time student. The Tar Heel Tracker will add the required CLEs for each student, depending on their enrollment status for each semester.

Confirming a Student's Attendance After the Event

It is up to the department’s discretion how they would like to confirm a student’s attendance. A few examples they may use to confirm a student could be asking the student to summarize the event, having the student answer questions tailored to the event, showing proof of an activity or item they received at the event, etc. After a student has been confirmed, the department will need to add them to the event’s roster on Heel Life

How to Add a Student's Attendance After Confirming:

After confirming a student’s attendance, the host may add the student by accessing these steps: 

  • Clicking Manage Event in the top right when viewing the event’s page 
  • Click Track Attendance  
  • In the top right click Add Attendance  
  • If adding a student by their email address, enter the information in the text box while the E-mail Address is highlighted, or enter their PID under External ID and finish by clicking Add at the bottom.  

If you need any assistance with adding a student, please contact us at [email protected]

What Attendance Method Is the Most Efficient to Use

While there are multiple methods to track attendance, using the QR code is highly recommended. Scanning student IDs or using the QR codes will automatically add the student’s attendance once they check-in.  

The QR code can be accessed by clicking manage event on the event’s home page. Under the tracking information will be the option to view the QR code. This QR code is automatically generated for this specific event and any student who accesses it will automatically be added to the roster. A few ways to use the QR code could be uploading it to a digital screen if accessible at the event or printing it out with text notifying the students to scan it for CLE and having it posted at events and easily viewable for students.  

Is There a Deadline for Uploading Attendance

We request for the event's attendance to be uploaded within 24 hours after the event ends. We consider this deadline for students who submit their forms following the event and allows us to review them promptly. However, using the QR code for tracking will automatically update a student's attendance and will help navigate this deadline.

How to Request an Event to Be Eligible for CLE

All CLE events are processed and filtered through Heel life. When creating a new event, there will be a section asking if you would like the event to be considered for CLE. You will then need to agree to a few statements and submit more information. Once that is submitted, the CLE team will review the event information and reach out to your point of contact with a status update on being eligible for CLE. Should your event not be eligible, this does not mean your event is rejected as a whole. It will still be approved for Heel life but will not have the ability for students to receive CLE from the event.

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