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Ideas in Action

Identify, Discover, Evaluate, and Act – this curriculum will help strengthen students' ability to think critically, collaborate and communicate, regardless of their study area or experiences off or on campus. Experiential and hands-on learning opportunities will be available throughout their time at Carolina so they may be prepared to experience the world as a citizen, scholar, community member and leader.  

Campus Life Experience

What is Campus Life Experience: 

Campus Life Experience collaborates with IDEAs in Action to help students experience the artistic, intellectual, and political life of UNC’s campus and connect these experiences with their academic work. Allowing them to apply their learning both inside and outside the classroom.  

Why is Campus Life Experience important:  

Involvement with CLE events help enrich and broaden the college learning experience and perspective for students, while supplying them with essential skill sets they need to help succeed during their time at UNC and beyond. These opportunities give students the ability to interpret and understand the world and their peers from a different perspective and allow them to bridge or illuminate differences. 

Campus Life Experience Requirements

All students will attend at least two on-campus organized activities, such as performances, talks, panels, workshops, etc, for each semester they are enrolled on campus (fall and spring only). Students may attend more or fewer events each semester as long as they attend the total number required during their career at UNC-Chapel Hill. Events that are required for a course the student is taking are still eligible to count toward the Campus Life Experience requirement. To be eligible, events must be sponsored by a UNC-Chapel Hill department, unit, or registered student organization. Events may include students in the program but may not be entirely composed of students.   

There are some variations and exceptions for CLE requirements. Here is a breakdown of some scenarios that may apply to some students: 

  • If a student enrolls in a 9th or 10th semester, no additional CLE's are required  
  • Participating in a semester length study abroad (fall or spring) will count for 2 CLE's. Participating in a year-long study abroad (fall and spring) will count for 4 CLEs.  
  • Part-time students: every 15 credits earned through part-time studies will tally as one-term in residence, requiring 2 CLE's  
  • Seniors approved for an underload are not required to complete 2 CLE events that semester  

Campus Life Experience Student Information

Information for UNC Students for navigating Campus Life Experience and Heel Life.

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Faculty and staff information

Information for UNC Faulty and Staff for navigating Campus Life Experience and Heel Life.

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