Campus Life Experience Requirements

Since the 2022 – 2023 school year, Campus Life Experience is required for new transfer students and every student in the incoming first-year class.  Full-time students are required to attend at least two CLE events for each semester they are enrolled.  Part-time students are required to attend at least one CLE event for each semester they are enrolled.

Finding CLE Events

CLE events include but are not limited to, on-campus organized activities, such as performances, talks, panels, workshops, and more. All CLE events are hosted through Heel Life and may also be accessed here. Or, students may follow these steps:

  • Under the events tab, students can explore various events and sort them by keywords, themes, categories, and perks.  
  • Under Categories, students can select Campus Life Experience to sort events out and find which ones will count towards their requirements. 

Note: Only events that include the Campus Life Experience category tag are eligible for fulfilling requirements.

Checking Attendance at CLE Events

Students must confirm their attendance at CLE events by methods such as scanning their ID or a QR code displayed on a screen, manual paper entry check-in, or using a link associated with a virtual event. Students must use Heel Life to keep track and show proof of CLE. Students may check their previous event history through Heel Life under their profile, followed by the event history tab. When students are ready to request CLE, they must fill out the Campus Life Experiences Submission (23-24) form.

Note: RSVPing for an event on Heel Life does not fulfill the submission requirements. Students must check in at the event and complete the form to receive their requirements.

Students must complete 2 CLEs for every fall/spring term of full-time enrollment; 1 CLE for every fall/spring term of part-time enrollment.  

Submitting CLE Student Form

Following attending a CLE event, students must complete the Campus Life Experiences Submission form through Heel Life.

Keeping Track of CLE Progress

CLE progress will be available through the student's Tar Heel Tracker (THT) on ConnectCarolina. After completing the CLE submission form, it will be sent to The CLE Team for reviewal. Once the form has been approved, The THT will update by the next day.

Variations and Exceptions for CLE Requirements

There are some variations and exceptions for CLE requirements. Here is a breakdown of some scenarios that may apply to some students:

  • If a student enrolls in a 9th or 10th semester, no additional CLEs are required.
  • Participating in a semester-length study abroad (fall or spring) will count for 2 CLEs. Participating in a year-long study abroad (fall and spring) will count for 4 CLEs.
  • Part-time students: every 15 credits earned through part-time studies will tally as one term in residence, requiring 2 CLEs
  • Seniors approved for an underload are not required to complete 2 CLE events that semester.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Please note: The CLE team operates Monday - Friday from 9 am-5 pm

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