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Students are required to attend Campus Life Experience (CLE) events to receive CLE requirements for graduation. Heel Life will be the main access point for students to explore possibilities that include CLE events and those not affiliated with CLE.

Heel Life is the primary virtual point for students to get involved at UNC as it houses student programs. They will be able to create, find, and join student organizations, creating and attending various events. For students to access this, they will need to log into Heel Life with their ONYEN. Students may also access heel life via the CarolinaGo app.

How to Find Events

Heel Life will organize all CLE events. To find events, students can visit or follow these steps:

  • Under the events tab, students can explore various events and sort them by keywords, themes, categories, and perks.  
  • Under Categories, students can select Campus Life Experience to sort events out and find which ones will count towards their requirements. 

CLE events primarily focus on helping students expand their education both in and outside the classroom. In hopes of developing new skill sets and growth and helping support their lives as employees, entrepreneurs, citizens, and lifelong leaders. CLE events include but are not limited to performances, talks, panels, and more.

How to Receive CLE Requirements

It is the responsibility of the students to confirm and check their attendance at the event. Students can do this by scanning their student ID, scanning a QR code that may be displayed, using manual paper sign-ins, or using a URL for a virtual event. Students who do not check-in will not have the event counted toward their requirements.

Under the student's profile, they can also view their event history to track their previous attendance.

After attending a CLE event, students must fill out the Campus Life Experiences Submission (22-23) form. Here, students can also request which term they would like the event to count towards.

Students must complete 2 CLEs for every fall/spring term of full-time enrollment; 1 CLE for every fall/spring term of part-time enrollment.  


Below is a list of resources that will help students navigate Heel Life

How To Get Involved Using Heel Life 

Navigating and Managing Heel Life for Organizations 

Any additional questions may be directed to

Will I Be Able To Attend a Campus Life Experience Event More Than Once for Additional Requirements?

No, requirements for a CLE event will only count one time for that event. Students are welcome to attend the event additional times, but they will only receive the requirements for the first time. 

Can I Opt Out of the Campus Experience Requirement if I Am a Part-Time Student?

Part-time students are still required to participate in Campus Life Experience; however, they will only need to take 1 CLE requirement per semester if they are enrolled as part-time for that semester.

Does Attending an Athletic Event (Like a Football Game) Fulfill the Campus Experience Requirement? 

Athletic events do not count towards the requirements. Required events will include performances, talks, panels, workshops, etc.

How Many Campus Experiences Events Do I Need To Do?

The Tar Heel Tracker on ConnectCarolina will update on how many CLEs students must complete per semester. Every semester enrolled as a full-time student will be two CLEs and one CLE for part-time students.

Example of CLE Requirements with The Tar Heel Tracker

What Types of Experiences Will Fulfill the Campus Experience Requirement? 

Approved events under Heel Life include, but are not limited to, performances, talks, panels, workshops, and more. Please visit to view eligible CLE events.

Where Can I Upload Proof of the Campus Experience?  

Students must confirm their attendance at CLE events by methods such as scanning their ID or a QR code displayed on a screen, manual paper entry check-in or using a link associated with a virtual event. Students must use Heel Life to keep track and show proof of CLE. Students may check their previous event history through Heel Life under their profile, followed by the event history tab. When students are ready to request CLE, they must fill out the Campus Life Experiences Submission (22-23) form.

Note: RSVPing for an event on Heel Life does not fulfill the submission requirements. Students must check in at the event and complete the form to receive their requirements.

How Will the Campus Experience Be Tracked?  

Students can track their required CLEs through The Tar Heel Tracker on ConnectCarolina. The Tracker will update overnight within 24 hours of their form being accepted.

Will I Be Able To Choose Which CLE Events I Would Like To Count Towards My Requirements?

Yes, students are welcome to attend as many CLE events of their choosing, but before the end of the semester, they need to pick CLE events from their attendance that they would like to count towards their requirements.  

How Many Requirements Does a CLE Event Count For?

Each CLE event counts toward one requirement. Depending on their enrollment status per semester, full-time students must take two per semester, and part-time students take one per semester.

When Will The Tar Heel Tracker Show Updated CLEs

The Tar Heel Tracker will update overnight once the student's CLE form has been approved. The Tar Heel Tracker will only show the required CLEs per semester, depending on the student's enrollment status. Full-time students will show up for two CLEs and one for part-time. If a student attends more than what is required per semester, the Tar Heel Tracker will roll over to the next semester.

I Attended a CLE event but It Is Not Showing In My Tar Heel Tracker

Make sure you have submitted the Campus Life Experiences Submission (22-23) form in Heel Life to meet your CLE requirements. If you have submitted a form and received an approval notification but The Tar Heel Tracker has not been updated, please reach out to us at

Note: The Tracker will update overnight within 24 hours of the form being approved.

I Forgot To Check In at The Event To Track My Attendance, Can I Still Get My CLE?

Students who did not check in at an event must contact the event's host to confirm their attendance. Once they have confirmed and uploaded the attendance, students may submit their CLE form. If students are unsure who to contact, please email for support.

There will be a chosen method by the event host for checking in. This can include scanning student IDs, scanning a QR code, manual paper sign-ins, or a link for a virtual event. If a student is unsure that they checked in while at the event, they should speak to a host for help.

It's the End of the Semester and I Did Not Complete My Required CLEs in Time

If a student has not completed their CLE requirements for the semester, they will be able to complete them along with new requirements during the next semester.

Example: CLE requirements are determined by the enrollment status for that student per semester. Full-time students need to complete 2 and part-time students need to complete one. If a student is enrolled full-time for both the fall and spring semesters but does not complete any CLEs for the fall semester, they will need to complete four CLEs for the spring semester.

Will I Be Able to Attend More CLE Events Than What Is Required for Me During That Semester

Yes, students are welcome to attend as many CLE events as they'd like for the semester. Students will be able to accumulate CLEs even if they're already met their requirements.

Example: If a student completes four CLEs during the fall semester while only requiring two, the additional CLEs will roll over into the spring semester as long as they complete their form.

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