Selection Committee and Basis for Award

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs will convene a Selection Committee representing different departments at UNC-Chapel Hill. All decisions concerning the award of the travel fellowship shall be made only by the Selection Committee.

The fellowship is intended to provide an opportunity for the financial support of a student's personal enrichment and growth through travel, but it is not intended to support the expenses of participating in the University's formal study abroad program (although it may be used to 'extend' a student's participation in that program). The awards are for support of an individual student, traveling either independently or as part of a group, and are intended to support travel for at least six weeks.

While financial need may be considered as part of the criteria for selection, it will not be the sole criterion. Emphasis in the selection process will be placed on the applicant's academic success and record of service to others. Special consideration will be given to applicants who are Eagle or Gold Award Scouts and a strong preference will be shown to students for whom this will be the initial international multicultural experience.

The primary factor in selecting recipients of a fellowship will be consideration of the student's formal written application and proposal about the intended use of the funds for travel abroad, including the proposed itinerary. That itinerary can involve anything from independent study for college credit (e.g. European cathedral architecture) to experiential activities (e.g. a bicycle tour of England, Scotland and Wales).

The application and proposal must not exceed two pages in length.

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