Application Procedures & Conditions

Applications for the Phillips Travel Scholarship are to be submitted electronically no later than midnight on Oct. 29 for travel, which is anticipated to begin summer of 2023, pending any restrictions on international travel by the University. Interviews of finalists will take place in November and early December. Notice of selection will be made in December or early January. 

Applicants for this scholarship are expected, as a part of the application, to propose a thoroughly researched and reasonable itemized budget of expenses for the planned travel. The amount of the award will reflect the student’s need for assistance with travel costs, as described in the student’s budget and by measurement of the family’s ability to assist with travel expenses.

The value of the Scholarships will range from $5,000 to a maximum of $11,000 to include all costs of travel, subsistence, entrance fees, miscellaneous costs and the premiums for required medical and hospitalization insurance. Normally,the Scholarship does not support the purchase of durable items such as bicycles, camping equipment, cameras, etc.

It is the expectation of the Selection Committee that the planned travel will be for no less than two months and can be for no more than six months. Travel must be outside the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. 

The Phillips Travel Scholarship is intended to benefit as many persons as possible; therefore, previous recipients of the Scholarship are ineligible for later application.

After the funds for a Phillips Travel Scholarship are released, full responsibility for security of the funds and for the completion of the travel as proposed rests with the student to whom the Scholarship has been awarded. No replacement funds will be provided in the event of loss.

Any use of funds awarded for other than the purposes described in the student's application for the Scholarship, or any substantive failure to complete the travel proposed in the student's application for the Scholarship, will require a full or partial repayment to the University of the money advanced to the student, the amount of the repayment to be determined by the Selection Committee.

The Scholarship may be subject to taxation as scholarship income. The recipient is responsible for determining the extent of his or her tax liability, for reporting the grant on the appropriate tax forms and for paying any resulting taxes.

Selection of the recipients of this Scholarship is final and in the sole purview of the Selection Committee and shall be made without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, national origin, handicap or veteran status.

The acceptance of a Phillips Travel Scholarship Award will have no adverse effect on the receipt of, or later application for, other scholarships or financial aid awarded through the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid. However, for students who receive need-based financial aid, the fact that the recipient may be traveling during a period of non-enrollment may require the student to work or borrow during an enrolled period to contribute the amount the student is typically expected to provide toward his or her education costs.

All arrangements for travel, subsistence, insurance, housing and other expenditures incidental to travel are the sole responsibility of the student.

Neither The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill nor any of its agents will be responsible for loss of property, injury, or loss of life while a student is traveling under the financial support of the Frances L. Phillips Scholarship.

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