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Assessment Services

The Director of Assessment is tasked with assisting Student Affairs in building a culture of evidence-informed planning to foster student learning and success. To effectively support assessment efforts across Student Affairs, the model we employ centers on capacity building, resource development, and consulting at the departmental and program levels.

Services include:

  • Project Consultation
  • Instrument Development
  • Educational Seminars and Presentations
  • Support for Program Review & Strategic Planning

Consultation & Data Analysis

A department or program level consult provides a time to pose questions, solicit feedback, or work through challenges. You can request a consult at any point in the assessment process.  We offer support in conceptualizing learning or program outcomes, identifying methods to measure outcomes, designing surveys and other measures,  analyzing data, and connecting assessment with actionable results. To schedule a consultation contact Belinda Locke at 919-962-8312.

Instrument Development

We offer on-site support for developing  instruments to measure learning or program outcomes.  In addition, Student Affairs is licensed to use Baseline in Campus Labs to develop and implement assessment instruments including surveys and rubrics. Staff can log in to Campus Labs with their ONYEN and ONYEN password, then open the Baseline component and follow the Request a Project link to set up a project and access assessment or technical support.

Capacity Building and Professional Development

Student Affairs hosts assessment training and capacity building on an ongoing and as-needed basis. Check the Upcoming Events section of our bimonthly newsletter Eye on Assessment to keep up with the latest opportunities to hone your assessment skills.

Prefer asynchronous learning? You can view a series of assessment-related instructional videos here.

We also tailor capacity building presentations to meet any department's skill level or needs. To request a customized educational presentation or workshop, contact a member of the Student Affairs Assessment Council or call Belinda Locke at 919-962-8312.

Program Review & Strategic Planning

Student Affairs departments should complete a comprehensive program review every 5 years. The purpose of review is to systematically evaluate the effectiveness of programs and services in order to enhance practice and inform the planning process. Program review is organized by the procedures and standards defined by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education. Departments who undergo external accreditation by a national organization may use those processes in lieu of Program Review. For additional information regarding the review process contact the Director for Assessment.

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