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The identification and development of resources to enhance practice and foster student learning and success is an ongoing priority in Student Affairs.

Assessment Newsletter

A bimonthly newsletter highlighting useful assessment related information. Click on the links below to view the most recent issues.

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Student Affairs Assessment Council

The Student Affairs Assessment Council promotes and supports quality assessment activities for the improvement of programs, services, and operations in Student Affairs. The Council meets on the second Thursday of the month.

Survey Items and Rubrics

In addition to Core Assessment Survey Items, Student Affairs has generated common survey items and rubrics to measure learning outcomes and competency development. (i.e. Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Integrity, Intercultural Competence, Interpersonal development, Public Service, Self-Awareness, Wellness).

It is an expectation that staff who implement programs that map to one or more of these competencies will add the appropriate common survey items to existing or newly generated surveys. By using common survey items across programs and learning opportunities, Student Affairs can better understand the cumulative ways in which we impact student learning and success. Whereas all surveys or questionnaires should utilize the appropriate common survey items, the competency aligned rubrics can be used as is or adapted for specific contexts. Please contact blocke@email.unc for additional information related to measuring competency development at the program or learning opportunity level.


Baseline provides technology, resources, and consultation to help you collect and analyze data, as well as summarize and present assessment findings. In addition to tools designed to help you implement assessment projects easily and effectively, Baseline provides webinars, hundreds of examples of projects completed by Student Affairs units from diverse operational areas, and a team of consultants who can help you design and launch your next project. Visit and get started today!

Check out the monthly issue of Eye on Assessment for ongoing Baseline webinars and see below for additional Baseline video tutorials.


Benchmarking Data:

Heel Life

Heel Life is a resource that helps students discover ways to become meaningfully engaged in the Carolina community. The platform helps students find co-curricular opportunities and track their involvement in the form of a personalized co-curricular transcript.

Departments and Student Organizations "Create Events" in Heel Life. Once an event has been approved in the system, event organizers can use hand held wireless barcode scanners to track attendance. When a student's UNC One Card is scanned at an approved event, their involvement appears documented on their co-curricular transcript. Student engagement data can be used to demonstrate competency development through connecting data with measures of student learning and success.

See the links below for additional instructions on using Heel Life (AKA Campus Labs CollegiateLink or Engage).

NASPA Benchmarking Studies

These studies are designed to provide actionable institution-specific and benchmarking data to inform programming in and out of the classroom. Through our partnership with Campus Labs, any department in Student Affairs can participate in a benchmarking study free of charge. For additional information visit

If your department would like assistance signing up for one of the studies, contact Dr. Locke at

Asessment 101

A video series to help with Assessment.

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Assessment Poster Fair

Information about the annual Assessment Poster Fair.

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Planning and Reporting

Help for planning, project design, implementation and reporting.

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Student Affairs Assessment Council

Information about the Student Affairs Assessment Council.

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