Strategic Priorities

The following Strategic Priorities are based on the committee’s interpretation of data collected during Phase Three of the planning process. To address the priorities herein, Student Affairs will leverage technology and advance evidence-based strategies and assessment.

  • Center Student Learning: Student Affairs will draw on student development frameworks in prioritizing learning across co-curricular opportunities.
  • Promote and Advocate: Student Affairs will promote and advocate for the needs of students and for the collective impact of the work embedded in each of our departments.
  • Embody Safe and Inclusive Communities: Student Affairs will increase measures to minimize harm and support underserved populations.
  • Develop Collaborations and Partnerships: Student Affairs will strengthen unified approaches to enhance student and staff experiences.
  • Maximize Operational Efficiencies: Student Affairs will streamline and clarify administrative processes to strategically capitalize on resources

Our Priorities

We work to provide and maintain the best possible environment in which students can live, learn, mature and grow toward becoming compassionate and responsible citizens and leaders. We remove and reduce the barriers to educational progress that may exist in their lives. Second, we help students integrate their classroom and cocurricular learning experiences into a set of skills and competencies that will enable them to fulfill their ambitions.

Below are some of the reports that guide that work we do.

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