WOC Empowerment Group

Women of Color (WOC) Empowerment Group

May 24, 2023 | |

Starting in June, Dr. Alexis Leca and Markera Jones will be holding a Women of Color (WOC) Empowerment Group this summer. WOC Empowerment Group helps to provide a safe, supportive environment in which we can discuss our unique experiences. The group will focus on exploring various themes such as identity, relationships, self-worth and acceptance (love), discrimination, and more. The group will also seek to empower and strengthen students’ voices, facilitate understanding the meaning of these experiences, and foster relationship-building and community as a part of their UNC experience.

This group invites students who identify as women of color, and information disclosed in these meetings is considered confidential. Meetings will be held in-person at Campus Health on Thursdays from 3:00 to 4:30pm. UNC students do not need to pay the summer health fee to participate in CAPS groups.

If you are interested, please call CAPS at 919-966-3658 or email [email protected].

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