Carolina Indian Circle

Student Org Spotlight: Carolina Indian Circle

April 14, 2023 | |

Our next Student Org Spotlight features the Carolina Indian Circle, who was recently recognized as a 2023 UNC Public Service Award recipient! The CIC supports Indigenous students at UNC by fostering a positive community and ensuring the recognition of Native American cultural heritage. President Dalton Locklear shares more about the organization:  

  1. What is CIC all about?  
    CIC is all about uplifting Indigenous voices on UNC's campus, providing a sense of support and community for Indigenous students, and preserving our history through promoting awareness on a daily basis. 
  1. How do you help students?  
    The Carolina Indian Circle helps students by connecting Indigenous students to others from similar backgrounds, providing a space to appreciate cultural practices, and connecting students to sources of support across campus. 
  1. What do you like most about being a member of CIC? 
    My favorite part about being in CIC is the aspect of community that is infused in everything that we do. Coming to Carolina, I only knew one person; thankfully she was a member of CIC. After one meeting, I knew that I had found a family not just for the semester, academic year, or even the remainder of my time at Carolina, but for life. 
  1. What has been your favorite event?  
    We intentionally host programs that center the purpose of making to non-Indigenous community more aware of Indigenous culture and making those that are Indigenous feel a sense of belonging. These programs include our Indigenous Peoples' Day celebration, Culture Showcase, and powwow. My favorite event is the annual powwow! While this event requires months of work and the dedication of our amazing members, it is an opportunity for the Native people of North Carolina to come together and celebrate what it means to be Indigenous. 
  1. How can students get involved with CIC?  
    Interested students can email me at fdaltonATadDOTuncDOTedu, contact the American Indian Center, or find a member that would be glad to direct them to a general body meeting.
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