Working Remotely

There may be times when you need to work from home or while you're at a conference.  With the proper setup and configuration you should be able to access any and all services from anywhere.  Here’s a rundown of the most common services that should get people access to whatever they need.

If you have any questions about these topics, please call 962-HELP.  Even in adverse weather, they will have staff who can remotely login to their phone system. 


Resources that require VPN

A VPN connection is required to access certain on-campus resources. These include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • ConnectCarolina
  • Shared Drives (aka S:\)
  • Remote Desktop

VPN is NOT needed for the following: Citrix, Zoom, Heelmail, Outlook, Office 365, Teams, OneDrive or TIM.

Installing VPN

If you have a university provided device, Cisco Anywhere should already be installed for you. Otherwise please refer to the VPN Knowledge Base article for instructions and follow the appropriate links for your operating system to download a copy of the software and step-by-step installation instructions.

Accessing VPN

The VPN Knowledge Base article has detailed step by step instructions on how to connect to VPN. A summary can be found below for Windows and OS X.

  1. If using Windows, type Cisco Anywhere in search bar or locate it in the start menu under the Cisco Folder.
    If using OS X, look for Cisco AnyConnect under Applications.
  2. Connect to the VPN Server.
    If you have never used VPN before, the address box will be blank. The address to use is
  3. Log In
    • Group: UNCCampus. Note: Campus Health and CAPS may use a different Group.
    • Username: Onyen
    • Password: Onyen password
    • Second Password: This is how Duo will reach out to you for Two Factor Authentication. Type one of the bolded options.
      • Push – Duo sends you a push notification to your smart device for approval
      • SMS – Duo sends you a text message to your phone. The text message will include 3 sets of numbers. You only need to use one of them.
        • Important Note: The login screen will disappear and reappear. You will need to re-enter your Onyen password as the first password but for the second password, use the passcode texted to you.
      • A passcode from the Duo App.
        • To get a passcode, open the Duo App and tap on University of North Carolina
        • A six-digit passcode will appear. Type this passcode in.
      • Phone – Duo will call you. (As a note, there have been problems in the past with this option. We recommend that you use one of the other options.)

Remote Desktop

For Remote Desktop to work, your office PC must be powered on. If you are having issues connecting and suspect it is powered off, please contact Student Affairs IT.  You will also need to know the “Name” of your office PC. If you do not know this, please contact Student Affairs IT.

Software Requirements

In order to utilize Remote Desktop, you will need to use specialized software.

If you are on Windows, you can use the built in Remote Desktop Connection software.

If you are on OS X, you will need to download Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 from the App Store.

How to Connect

  1. Connect to VPN
  2. Open your Remote Desktop Software
  3. Connect to your PC using either or using your IP address.
  4. A login box will appear.
    • Username:   Note: You may have see your home computer’s Username prefilled and if so, click More Choices and Use A Different Account.
    • Type in your Onyen password
  5. A screen will pop up telling you that the computer/server does not have a valid certificate. This is normal. Check the box that says Don’t ask me again and then click Yes.

Storage: S-Drive

While the Shared (aka S) drive can be accessed from off campus, you may not have access to it if you are using a personal device.

If you are using a device provided by UNC, then you should already have it. If you do, to access it, you need to be connected to the VPN first.

If you do not, please follow these instructions to manually add it:

Connecting to Shared (S) Drive on Windows

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. To Add the S Drive, right click on This PC and click on Map Network Drive
  3. The folder address is \\\dsa
  4. Check Connect Using Different Credentials
  5. Username:
  6. Password: Your Onyen password
  7. Check Remember My Credentials
  8. Click OK

Connecting to Shared (S) Drive on OS X

  1. In Finder, click on Go and select Connect To Server
  2. In the address bar, use //
    • Click on the + sign at the bottom of the window to save it as a favorite serve
  3. Username:
  4. Password: Your Onyen password
  5. Check the option that allows you to save this to your keychain.
  6. Click Connect (it might also be Ok)

Mobile Apps



Microsoft MFA

Microsoft Office


Office Lens (Scanner app)


Sharing and printing options: