Website Training Materials

Below are links to current documentation and helpful guides that will help you better manage your Student Affairs website. Please direct any questions, comments, or feedback to David Lovere.

Block Editor Basics

The block editor allows you to quickly and easily create content in WordPress.

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Block Editor Settings

Learn how to use the block editor's settings to customize the way you work.

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Headings and Hierarchy

A guide to properly using headings and structuring information on a web page.

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Is your website ready for WordPress?

Your website is moving to Wordpress. Are you ready for the transition?

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Using the Accordion block for FAQs

Learn how to use the accordion block to add engaging FAQ questions and answers.

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Working with Links

Adding links in Wordpress is easy. Learn how to to it the right way.

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Working with Menus

Learn how to use menus in Wordpress for Student Affairs websites.

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