Managing Student Affairs Websites

View our Website Training Materials page for managing your Student Affairs WordPress site.

General IT Training

UNC ITS maintains LearnIT Online, which covers a variety of online training resources.

Compliance Training

Student Affairs staff may be required to take some or all of the following training courses before being granted access to data and to be in-compliance with regulations.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. This training is required by the University Registrar for any individuals who have access to student education records.  This training is also a prerequisite to access the Student section of Connect Carolina (PeopleSoft). Visit for more information about the policy and for a link to the Online Training module.

HIPAA (annual)

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This is Annual training that is required for anyone with access to this class of data.

PCI (annual)

Payment Card Industry. This training is for any individuals who may handle or deal with credit card transactions on behalf of UNC-CH.


UNC System Administrators Initiative.  This is a mostly IT group and it's purpose is to ensure that all system administrators have a common baseline of knowledge about security.

ITS Security Awareness (annual)

This training a general Security overview for all users.

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