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Student Affairs offers opportunities that support student learning and success commensurate with the broader scope and goals of the University. Student Affairs is committed to implementing assessment to determine how our efforts are meeting students’ developmental needs, to monitor progress towards unit level, divisional, and institutional goals, as well as to inform strategic planning. Through the shared practice of assessment, we demonstrate who we are, what we value, expectations for our students and Student Affairs, and our contributions to the fulfillment of the University’s mission.

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Student Affairs Core Assessment Plan

In recognition of the challenges facing the University as we enter and traverse a year characterized by uncertainties, Student Affairs has adopted a Core Assessment Plan. The plan emphasizes 4 assessment priorities and 2 broad metrics. The following priorities and metrics align with key initiatives outlined in Carolina Next and support the priorities outlined in the first phase of the Student Affairs strategic planning process.

Assessment Priorities

1. To contribute to the achievement of the University’s academic mission through the delivery of co-curricular learning opportunities focused on the development of knowledge, skills and dispositions. (Learning Outcomes)

2. To impact student success through the delivery of services focused on wellbeing, resiliency and retention. (Learning Support)

3. To build and sustain campus environments characterized by inclusivity, belonging and engagement. (Learning Environment)

4. To implement operational processes efficiently and effectively. (Operational Excellence)


1. Student Engagement (See Related Files below for instructions on how to pull program/event attendance from Zoom)

2. Departmental Outreach

Assessment efforts across Student Affairs should align with the Core Assessment Plan. Core assessment ensures a minimum level of engagement with assessment to demonstrate the key ways our Division contributes to student success and the achievement of institutional and organizational missions. While this framework provides actionable data, it is not designed to fully inform decision-making. Where feasible, units should implement additional assessment of program specific learning outcomes mapped to Carolina Excellence.

Assessment Resources

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Assessment Services

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High Impact Practices

High Impact Practices promote engagement, deep learning, and more.

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