Adding a new page

There are two parts to setting up a new page in WordPress: Making the page, and adding it to a menu.

Create the page

  1. Navigate in the admin bar to "+ New" -> Page.
  2. Title your page
  3. Add page content
  4. Add Excerpt and Featured Image in Page settings
  5. Assign a parent for the page in Page Attributes
  6. Publish the page
Add Page
Page Settings

Adding the page to a menu

  1. Navigate to Appearance -> Menus
  2. Select the menu to edit (click Select after choosing the menu)
  3. Look for your page at the top of the Most Recent tab, or search for it there
  4. Check the box for the new page, click Add to Menu
  5. Drag it up to the appropriate position in the menu (right or left changes hierarchy).
  6. Save the menu.

Edit Menus
Appearance Menu
Menu Selection
Menu Selection
Menu Hierarchy
Menu Hierarchy
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