Campus Rec Launches New Site

March 8, 2016

Campus Recreation recently unveiled a brand new website. The new website improves functionality, aesthetics and overall user experience.

From beginning to end, the process of developing the new website took just over a year.  The process began with “reach for the stars” meetings, said Chelsea Rush, Marketing and Special Events Coordinator for Campus Rec. “We broke down all the areas where the current site was and was not meeting our needs and brainstormed creative solutions and ideas for the new site, as if budget was no object,” she said. “After those meetings, we were able to organize themes across the board to get a sense of the major, must-have functionality needs as well as the wish list items we had for the new site.”

Rush said the main motivation behind creating a new site was improving overall user experience. “We want all who come in contact with Campus Recreation to have exceptional experiences,” Rush said. “Whether those experiences happen in one of our fitness centers, as a participant of one of our programs, as a visiting competitor, etc., and our website is no exception to that rule.”

New features of the website include real-time hours of operation, social media feeds, filterable programs, maps, calendars and class offerings, as well as an integrated blog.


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