Accommodations for Religious Observances

September 23, 2022
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We support Tar Heels’ well-being, inside and outside the classroom.  As a part of your Carolina experience, we understand that you may need to balance your academic studies with observations of your religious practices and beliefs.

Again this year, our academic calendar overlaps with a number of religious holidays. The Provost’s office regularly reminds faculty about these holidays, requesting flexibility regarding class attendance and deadlines that coincide with religious observances.

To help you navigate your studies and your observations of your religious practices and beliefs, we offer a religious accommodations request process.  As a first step, simply complete the Religious Accommodation Request Form and send it to the Religious Accommodations Advisory Committee (RAAC) at [email protected]. We hope these resources help support your academic success and your overall well-being.  If you have questions about the policy or the process for requesting religious accommodations, you may reach out to the RAAC at [email protected] or to the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office (EOC).

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