Homegrown Halloween

Homegrown Halloween

Chapel Hill’s annual Homegrown Halloween will take place Wednesday, October 31, 2012. This event brings together large numbers of students and residents, with the Town of Chapel Hill and the University working together to promote the safety of all participants. You can help us achieve a safe and fun Halloween by noting the following safety and security information:

Prohibited Items:

  • Alcohol will not be permitted in the festival area. All other state and local laws pertaining to alcohol will be enforced.
  • Town ordinances and State statutes prohibit the following items in the closed area:
    • Alcohol Beverages
    • Weapons
    • Glass
    • Bottles
    • Fireworks and Explosives
    • Animals
    • Paint
    • Flammable Substances
    • Coolers
  • Items, even as part of a costume, which can be used as weapons or could reasonably be mistaken as weapons will be confiscated. This includes items made of wood, metal, cardboard or hard plastic.

Residence Halls and Off Campus Homes: There will be an increased number of non-student visitors to the area. It is important that students ensure their homes and cars are secured at all times. For residence halls, it is imperative that students avoid “tailgating” or letting non-residents into the halls. This is particularly important due to the larger number of costumed and potentially non-identifiable people that will be on and around campus Halloween evening. We can all work to decrease the opportunity for crime and property damage that can occur at such times. As you come and go from your home, be responsible for your choices and behaviors, as well as any visiting guests you may have.

If you or someone you know experiences injury or distress during the event, you can access one of the many uniformed police officers that will be on hand for the event. We appreciate your cooperation and support in helping to provide a safe environment for everyone.

For additional information on Homegrown Halloween, please see http://www.townofchapelhill.org/halloween/