The identification and development of resources to enhance practice and foster student learning and success is an ongoing priority in Student Affairs. Click on the links below for more information.

A monthly newsletter highlighting useful assessment related information. Click on the image below for the most recent assessment and find an archive of assessments in the Related Files on this page.


The Assessment Council promotes and supports quality assessment activities for the improvement of programs, services, and operations in Student Affairs. The Council meets on the second Thursday of the month.

Student Affairs has generated common survey items and rubrics to measure learning outcomes and competency development in alignment with Carolina Excellence.

Baseline provides technology, resources, and consultation to help you collect and analyze data, as well as summarize and present assessment findings. In addition to tools designed to help you implement assessment projects easily and effectively, Baseline provides webinars, hundreds of examples of projects completed by Student Affairs units from diverse operational areas, and a team of consultants who can help you design and launch your next project. Visit and get started today!

Heel Life is a resource that helps students discover ways to become meaningfully engaged in the Carolina community. The platform helps students find co-curricular opportunities and track their involvement in the form of a personalized co-curricular transcript.

These studies are designed to provide actionable institution-specific and benchmarking data to inform programming in and out of the classroom. Through our partnership with Campus Labs, any department in Student Affairs can participate in a benchmarking study free of charge. For additional information visit