Carolina Excellence

Connect. Discover. Transform. The legacy is yours!

Carolina Excellence

Carolina Excellence - connect discover transform

Carolina Excellence is a unique way to help you connect across people, ideas and experiences through programs and opportunities.  You can maximize your involvement to explore who you are, discover your personal brand and develop a record of your accomplishments. It inspires transformative learning and skill development to assist you in taking your next steps and changing the world. Connect, discover and transform. Carolina Excellence…the legacy is yours.

Carolina Excellence fosters learning and success by engaging you in learning opportunities designed to help you develop critical skills or competencies. The initiative emphasizes Dynamic Learning, Personal Growth and Community Engagement.

Dynamic LearningDynamic Learning

Dynamic Learning is the process of intellectual exploration that leverages communication skills, creativity and critical thinking to express one’s commitment and capacity to address real world challenges.

  • Communication Communication

  • Creativity Creativity

  • Critical Thinking Critical Thinking

Personal GrowthPersonal Growth

Personal Growth is the process through which one achieves authenticity, balance, and purpose while creating a path toward a congruent wholehearted life.

  • Integrity Integrity

  • Self-Awareness Self-Awareness

  • Wellness Wellness

Community EngagementCommunity Engagement

Community Engagement is the process of taking action with members of a community to positively impact conditions and/or the quality of community life.

  • Intercultural Competence Intercultural Competence

  • Interpersonal Development Interpersonal Development

  • Public Service Public Service

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