Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values


An equitable and healthy community where all thrive.


Student Affairs fosters student success by cultivating belonging, engagement, well-being, and learning.


Community: We practice civility, compassion, and care for others. We work together to create a
sense of interconnectedness through relationships that uplift and respect the collective and
individual Tar Heel.

Equity: We are dedicated to eliminating systemic injustices and amplifying practices that work to
dismantle discrimination against all identities. The work of equity is never done, yet we remain
steadfast toward creating a UNC community accessible for everyone.

Integrity: We embolden community members to be honest, refine individual and clarify collective
morals, and understand the influence of their actions on the greater community.

Holistic Development: We believe holistic development is essential to student success at the
personal and group level in areas such as leadership, civic engagement, career readiness,
innovation, and service learning, which are at the core of the UNC experience.

Stewardship: We engage principles of sustainability and thoughtful stewardship. We hold ourselves
accountable for managing human, institutional, and natural resources in a responsible manner while
operating strategically to achieve our goals.

Wellness: We promote environments that elevate the well-being of individuals and community to
support respectful choices and positive decision-making regarding life-long health and