HR and Finance FAQ

HR and Finance FAQ

(P-Cards) Do I need to submit a Receipts Purchases (R/P) form into the Bank of America WORKS tool with the receipt?

Yes, submit both the R/P form and receipt into the WORKS system for each transaction.  Please verify other requirements with your specific Hub.

(P-Cards) Can others beside the P-Card Accountholder submit receipts and forms into the WORKS system?

In the Housing Hub this is completed on the cardholder’s behalf. In all of the other Student Affairs Hubs, the accountholder should upload the receipt and R/P form into the WORKS system.

(P-Cards) What happens if my transaction does not show up in the WORKS system?

Charges on the University P-Cards may take up to 3 days to appear in the WORKS system after shipment or purchase.

(P-Cards) When should I review and upload my receipt and R/P form?

Accountholders are required to review and upload forms 24 hours after the transactions appear in the WORKS system.   

(P-Cards) Can I pay registration on a P-Card?

Yes. The University permits registration fees be charged on a P-Card.

(Voucher) What backup is required for a voucher?

In order to issue payment, an itemized receipt or invoice is required.  If you are in need of a reimbursement for an out of pocket expense, the receipt must show the payment. For example, a receipt will often show “VISA xxxx1234   $20.00” at the bottom.  For the Housing, OVC, and Union Hubs, an R/P form with a detailed purpose or description is also required with staff authorization.  An R/P form is not required for the Campus Health Hub, however the purpose or description must be included on the submission.

(Voucher) How soon will I be reimbursed for an out of pocket expense?

In general, you can expect to receive the reimbursement up to 2 weeks after submitting the required paperwork with all necessary details.  (Please see requirements above.)  Employee reimbursements are paid via direct deposit to the same bank account that is used for the employee’s paycheck.  You will receive an automated email notification when the funds are sent to your bank account by UNC.  Depending on your bank’s processing time, it may be an additional 1-2 days after the email before you see the funds in your account.

(Purchase Order) When do I need to use a purchase order?

Three criteria determine if a purchase order needs to be generated. If the amount of purchase is over $5,000, if a Contract has been initiated and if a deposit is required for the services requested. If any of these items apply, please contact your Business Hub for further assistance

(Travel) I want to attend a conference. What are the steps I need to take?

The Combo Form on the Student Affairs Shared drive Travel/Training tab will guide you through listing your expenses for consideration of travel.  Complete the form, print it and obtain your supervisor’s signature approving the travel. You will then submit the completed form and registration information to your Business Hub.

(Travel) I have been approved for Travel, how do I book my airfare?

The first step to booking airfare is to contact Maupin Travel, the University-approved travel agent.  Maupin will assist you in selecting your flight and provide you with an itinerary by email.  That email should be sent to your business hub with required supporting documentation so that a travel approval may be initiated and a transaction number created.  Your business hub will provide your transaction number quickly as airfare may only be held for 24 hours.  Once the transaction number is received at Maupin, your flight will be booked and you will receive an electronic ticket via email.

(Travel) How do I book a hotel room?

You will call the hotel directly and book your room reservation.  A credit card is typically required to hold the reservation which often results in a charge hold being placed on the card.  A Pcard may not be used for this purpose so a personal credit card may be used or you may obtain a Diner’s Club card from University Travel Services.

(Travel) May I stay at an AIRBNB instead of a hotel?

Yes.  The University recognizes the significant cost savings associated with staying at Third-Party Lodging establishments and as such, has adopted Finance Policy 1305.  Prior to travel, the Non-Hotel Authorization Request must be approved.  That form along with detailed information about the policy may be found as follows:  http://

(Travel) How do I pay for my travel expenses?

Only conference registration can be paid on a University P-Card.  You will submit a completed Travel/Training form to your Business Hub for meal per diem, airfare, hotel, transportation and other travel related expenses. 

(Travel) Can another department pay for a portion of my travel reimbursement expense?

Another department may pay for a traveler’s expense as long as the home department approves the travel. When submitting the Travel/Training form, please note the other department’s department number and the funds they are responsible for paying in the ‘Notes’ section on the form. Your Business Hub will process the reimbursement request.

(Independent Contractors) How do I know if my vendor is an I/C or not?

Independent Contractors are individuals who perform services.  These include speakers, musical performers, writers and other services where there are no tangible goods delivered.  The best way to know who qualifies as I/C is whether the vendor is an individual and not affiliated with a corporation, partnership or other entity.  Please contact your Business Hub for clarification on determining the vendor as an I/C.

(Independent Contractors) What documentation is required to establish an I/C agreement?

The documentation needed can be found at The forms needed are: Form 708.1.2f Independent Contractor Services Agreement, Form 708.1.1f IC Determination Checklist, Form 708.1.3f Waiver of Competition (if required), Background Check Request Form (if required), ACH Deposit information and the W-9 form.

(Independent Contractors) I used an I/C last year and I want to hire them again this year. Must I submit all new documents?

Independent Contractors must submit the required I/C documents, detailed above, annually including W-9s with a current date and signature included.

(Independent Contractors) How do you determine when an Independent Contractor needs a background check?

When completing the IC Determination Checklist, pay particular attention to the box on Page 3 - Description of Specific Services to be provided.  This box determines the need for a background check.  If the scope of work is such that no background check is required, compose a sentence following your description of services that indicates that the IC will have no access to sensitive populations, sensitive information nor that the engagement will not place the IC on campus for more than ten days. 

(Deposits) I have an item to deposit. What do I do?

If it is a donation or gift, it is required to be processed through the Student Affairs Development Office.  Please contact Student Affairs Development when these types of funds are received.

All other deposits, cash or check items received if in person, a receipt should be provided to the payer.  All checks should be restrictively endorsed to UNC Chapel Hill.  All items for deposit should include a completed R/P form. The cash, checks and form should be taken to your Business Services Hub for processing.

(Deposits) What is the timeline for making deposits?

All deposits should be brought to your Business Hub daily. 

(Deposits) What is my responsibility if I accept credit card payments for my department?

On an annual basis, all employees involved in the credit card environment must complete the Payment Card Industry (PCI) training and ITS Security Awareness training.  In addition to these mandatory trainings, additional requirements will vary depending on the method by which you accept credit cards (TouchNet, point of sale machines, etc).  Full details can be reviewed here:

(Access) How do I obtain Finance access?

For a Student Affairs member to obtain access to financial functions in ConnectCarolina, including but not limited to ePRO or P-Card, you will complete the Finance Access Form located at Finance Access Form.  After completing the form, you will need to submit to your manager who will forward to your Business Hub Lead.

(Access) How Do I obtain Student Information Access?

For a Student Affairs member to obtain access to the Student Information functions in ConnectCarolina, including, but not limited to creating PIDs, student class schedules, GradStar and the Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP), you will need to complete the After completing the form, you will need to obtain the appropriate signature from your Department Director and forward to your Business Hub Lead.

(Access) How do I obtain University Purchasing card (P-CARD) access?

For Student Affairs staff members to obtain a P-card, you must first complete the P-card application packet. You can find this form at . Once you have completed the p-card application, you will need to complete Finance Access Form located at After completing the form, you will submit the information to your Business Hub for further processing.

(Access) Can I complete one form for Finance, HR and Student Information access?

Each system requires its own form, in Student Affairs. HR Access and some financial access is restricted to the Business and HR Hubs. Please reach out to your Business Hub lead for further assistance.

(Access) Do I need to complete training prior to obtain access?

Yes, for some systems access. To gain access to ConnectCarolina you must agree to the Terms of Policy and successfully complete training required prior to submitting a request for access (not all systems require training). Please refer to the following link to see if training is required for access:

(Access) How is access revoked or changed?

To revoke or change access you must complete the Access Request Form located at: . You will need to complete the form, obtain the appropriate signatures and forward to your Business Hub Lead for review. When a staff member is leaving the organization, their manager is required to submit a revoke access request in the same manner they submitted for the staff member to gain access.