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Students at Carolina participate in more than 50 clubs sports, dozens of intramural events and are active across campus every day of the week. Our students deserve state-of-the-art care for sports related treatment of injuries, as well as current information on how to be active and stay healthy. This project will accomplish both of these goals.

About the Stallings-Evans Sports Medicine Center

The new state-of-the-art facility is located behind Woolen Gym has 4,700-square-foot athletic training room and 3,000 square feet provided for a hydro­therapy room and entrance lobby.The second floor features a nutrition clinic, physician and staff office space, and a conference room. The third floor includes a Matthew Gfeller Sports Related Traumatic Brain Research Center and office space.

Why Give to the Stallings-Evans Sports Medicine Center

The center will provide superior athletic training and rehabilitation care as the primary athletic training facility for the majority of varsity athletes, including the 500 Olympic Sport athletes. Athletic training and physical therapy services are also available to all students, including those participating in campus recreation, Club Sports, and exercise and sport science classes. Not only will students be able to receive care, rehabilitation and athletic training there, but it also will expand the clinical educational experiences for undergraduate and graduate athletic-training students.

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